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Hello everyone,

I'm stuck at my crafting system. Using custom events that counts time and stuff. Every item through the events is 'Selected Data' that goes into the Player's Group Inventory.

I want every item that displays in the Inventory to have it's own 'Quality' float variable depending on the combatant's crafting level.

E.g. I don't know how to set up a random 50-100% quality variable for EACH item separately when it is being put to players inventory. Global Variables doesn't help, as there will be hundreds of separate items crafted and they all need a quality level.

I'm not using combat nor any battle events. Everything happens outside of it. Thought that Item Variables can help me out but not really.

Can anyone help me please?

Regards, Machal
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  • You can use item/equipment variables for the quality. Each item/equipment can set up their own variables which can be used via selected data. The variables are unique for each individual instance of an item, so if you define a Random float type as value, each item will have its own quality.

    The crafting game events get the ingredients passed on as selected data, so you can easily get the variable values from them.
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    I'm not using the recipe system, because it doesn't meet my demands. I have an event that at certain amount of crafting time value just "Add To Inventory" the item.

    And I've set up 'Quality' float variable with random amount 50-100, but can't see it in my custom text code that searches for Global 'Quality' float variable as it's always 0. And because it's a Global variable I doubt it will be displayed differently for each item. I don't think we understand each other.

    How do I display the Item Variable in Inventory menu text code set for each item? I don't see any option to use Object Variables. I can't use tooltip hover for every item.

    EDIT: Got it finally, just had to use the Object Variables in the Item's Description. Thanks for your tips anyway :)

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