A combatant with fire attribute will double the damage of any fire abilities, but do normal damage when using other attributes ability.

Since in ORK, the Attack attribute is how much damage the combatant will take and the Defence attribute is how much damage a combatant will deal to the target. I have to make the function in other way.

What I come up with is using ability variable to define the attribute of an ability. Then using the ability variable in formula to check which attack attribute value to use. Of course the setting Use Attribute Changes is disabled. In this way I can set 200 to fire attribute and the fire ability can use this attribute value to calculate final damage.

The problem is I don't know how to get the ability variable. The formula is used in the Status Change of ability. The selected data key 'action' is not set since it's not though an event. How to get the ability variable?

Or any other way to do this?
  • The action selected data is available in all calculations of the ability - it doesn't matter if it's coming from an event or simply using the ability's calculation.

    Generally, yeah, doing this in the ability's damage formula is the way to go for all of these things. The rest depends on your specific setup.

    Using ability variables would be one way, but this can be done easier if it's just doubling damage if the user is a fire attribute. I guess a fire attribute in your setup is a defence attribute? In this case you can use a Check Status node in your fire damage formula and check if the user's Defence Attribute is fire and double the formula's value.

    Or, for a more complex system, you could also set up status values for the different elements and use them to influence the damage formulas. You can also use attack/defence attribute values in formula calculations.
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