Hey GiL,

I'm trying to create a custom node to use in ORK Events. I've seen from your previous posts that I should copy an existing node from the source code and edit it to my needs, so I tried that and just changed a couple text strings to see if it would show up in the editor.

I was following this guide and when it came to adding references, I had trouble finding the UnityEngine.Ui.dll in the given pathway (running Unity version 2019.4.4f1). So I tried a few versions of that file found in other pathways within that Unity folder, and I also downloaded a clean version of 2017.4.40f1 and used that UnityEngine.Ui.dll. I had to comment out some dated references to things like the ParticleEmmitter component and the WebPlayer application to get it to compile in Visual Studio. I then replaced my current version of the ORKFramework.dll with the version I edited, and I couldn't even open the ORK Framework window in Unity. Even after changing back to the unedited ORKFramework.dll, it wouldn't open the ORK Framework window until I loaded my backup.

Am I going about this all wrong? What steps should I be taking to create a custom node?

  • You just need to add a script with your custom node in your Unity project - no need to recompile ORK for that :)

    So, just copy the code of one of the nodes that somewhat matches what you want to do, paste it into your script in your project and adjust it to your needs. What you must do, is change the class name and the content information in the ORKEditorHelp attribute above the class to not cause issues with the existing node.
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  • Ahhhh. Yeah, that makes about 100x more sense than what I was doing.

    Thank you!
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