I wanted to ask how I can modify the loot to drop above a specific height or not overlap some objects. Is there any specific script used to modify how the loot appears in Ork?

Thank you
  • You can find the settings for this in Inventory > Inventory Settings in the Drop Item Settings. The Offset Settings handle a random offset on all axes, i.e. you can set the height (Y-axis in 3D games) here.

    There are also settings for finding the ground via raycast and spawning them directly at the ground. In that case, like with combatants, you need to either use the item's Spawn Offset or have the prefab set up so that the origin (local position X/Y/Z=0) is at the bottom of the prefab, to prevent it from spawning in the ground and e.g. being pushed below it.

    For regular items spawned in scenes via Item Collectors, that's just handled by the placement of the item collector :)
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