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When I try to use ORK load node after the player is dead I get these strange issues.

A) First I can see some form of ORK hud trying to open. Like a thin box animating from screen edge to screen center.
B) My menu animation gets delayed, which I think is caused by maybe ORK freezing timescale?
C) The ork fader from the Load node get's stuck at like 60% alpha
D) My new scene loads with ork fader stuck and my menu animation resuming.

I use all custom hud/ui. And custom treatment of gameover.

I also don't have these issues if I use ORK load node while the player is alive(Same everything, except player is alive).

And if I Load the save game via ORK load API, to reload scene/save file while player is dead also no problems.

So, what I wanted to ask is. Is there something that could be triggered in ORK when using Load Node while the player is dead? Like maybe ORK is trying to show some game over related menu that fails cause I don't use it/have not set it up?

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  • A) Hard to tell where this comes from - it's probably a HUD, or if you're calling ORK's game over (via Game Over node), it could be the optional game over dialogue.

    B) Time is only frozen by ORK if you set it up to do that, e.g. via event nodes or a menu screen freezing time.
    ORK's own game over handling doesn't freeze time.

    C/D) Sounds like timescale being set to 0 somewhere :)

    Which ORK load node are we talking about - Load Scene or Auto Load Game?
    Also, how's your ORK game over setup like (Game > Game Settings), e.g. are you using Auto Game Over?
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  • Thank you. The core of the issue was caused by dead player spawning in the title menu, so it was causing a second game over the menu to appear along with some fade issues. But because of the scene load in between, it appeared as if the original game over persisted from previous menu.

    Fixing this also took care of the fade issues.

    Now the only issue that remains is some kind of very thin UI box animating from the edge of the screen. I've noticed this also sometimes happens when loading saves files.

    I don't use Auto game over, I used Load Scene node, and I'll try deleting all the huds I used to have.

    The only hud I think I need is Console Hud, so console lines are generated. I will check if any huds have animation when they close. Maybe the loading scene is telling them to close, and what I'm seeing is that animation.
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