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To give a use case. Imagine you have crafting skill, crafting skill has 5 levels. Each level has crafting experience requirement.

So if you craft 10 items you gain 100 experience, you level up crafting skills.
For level 2 you need 250 experience etc.

Is there any setup where the Experience Status value type can be used as experience bar tracker for this?

Or is the experience type status value inherently tied to player level in determining what level this status value is at?

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  • There's the None experience type available for non base/class level - though there'd be the issue of having the min/max value change with leveling up an ability.

    However, abilities can display their own exp via the Level Points Display in Ability menu parts.

    Alternatively, you can use the Limit Bar Display settings in HUDs to only show a defined range of the bar, combining this with display conditions (i.e. checking for your ability level) would allow you to 'fake' a new min/max range for that experience.
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