At the moment all of my 2D combatants body parts and clothes are made up of ORK items that when equipped are displayed. Things ranging from default weapon to alternate hand parts. The idea is to be highly customizable.

I'd like to improve my workflow and make custom scripts to create cosmetic weapons / items in ORK via script.

What I do now is:
create an item prefab -> go to ork -> set up the item with name/equip slot/prefab assignment -> setup the classes that can equip it, and if a new combatant is made from the combination of these cosmetic items (default skins) set up the new combatant to have these as their default equipped armor as well.

As you can imagine, characters with 20+ body/armor parts can become quiet tedious.

Do we have the ability to set this kind of stuff up via script? If so, can you point me in the direction of an example?

  • Sure, you can do that - all of ORK's settings are accessible and can be changed via script, e.g. ORK.Weapons and ORK.Armors for equipment or ORK.Combatants for combatants gives you access to the data and also lets you add new data (there are functions for that).

    E.g. adding and getting the newly added weapon's settings:
    int weaponID = ORK.Weapons.Add();
    Weapon weapon = ORK.Weapons.Get(weaponID);

    All you need to do is call your custom editor script (e.g. via the Unity menu using a MenuItem attribute) while the ORK editor is open to be able to save those changes.
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  • Thanks a ton! I can now do everything with the click of a button :)
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