Loving ORK so far! My team is currently using FMOD to handle all of our audio, since it makes everything much easier to manage.

FMOD doesn't create audio files, but it does have its own 'events' to call, to play the music. I'm wondering how to go about linking that to ORK stuff, I'm struggling a bit to get it set up myself.

Ideally, we'd be able to put an FMOD event in each separate spell/etc as normal. This is what their tool looks like in the Unity inspector:


Any advice or tips are appreciated, thanks!
  • I'm not really familiar with how FMOD works or plays stuff, but if't is a script or component, you should usually be able to interact with that via the function nodes.

    E.g. Call Function to call a function on a component or a static function and pass on some (basic) parameters.

    If the functions require some parameters that can't be used via the nodes, you can either write a simple script to forward ORK's function node calls to FMOD, or write custom event nodes.
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