I am trying to maintain player combatant state across time and runs of my game.
I currently run the following code snippet when initializing my game :

if (ORK.SaveGame.FileExists(0))
DataObject data = ORK.SaveGame.LoadFile(0);
playerCombatant = new Combatant(data, false, ORK.Game.ActiveGroup);
Debug.Log("Loaded Game from Slot 0");
// No previous saved game so create a new combatant.
playerCombatant = ORK.Combatants.Create(
0, ORK.Game.ActiveGroup, false, false);
// Mutate the data slightly.
Debug.Log("PlayerCombatant:" + playerCombatant.Status.Level);
Debug.Log("PlayerCombatant:" + playerCombatant.Status.LevelUp());
Debug.Log("PlayerCombatant:" + playerCombatant.Status.Level);
// Save to slot 0.
// Next time the game runs, I expect the ORK.SaveGame.FileExists(0) call to return true

Currently I get the following stack trace when I run this code :
NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
ORKFramework.SaveGameChoice.SavedGame () (at <8fa1d1597e124b05acdf108d7df8f4b0>:0)
ORKFramework.SaveGameHandler.Save (System.Int32 index) (at <8fa1d1597e124b05acdf108d7df8f4b0>:0)
MyNamespace.CustomLevelManager.Start () (at Assets/Scripts/CustomLevelManager.cs:52)

I tried finding some code examples or API documentation for SaveGameHandler, but I didn't find anything related to Save(index) and why it failed like above.
  • Well, you load the whole save game and try to feed that into a combatant, so that'll definitely not work and leave a combatant that's probably not initialized correctly.

    Does this also happen when no save file exists?
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