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So question: Under what circumstances would a consumable stat not change when using a Combatant>Change Status Value node in an event?

I have a status value that is at 100% of the max stat when the game begins. For testing purposes, there is a global event set to auto run that checks the status to see if it is greater than 50% and, if so, subtracts 1 from the stat roughly every second. If the check fails (because the stat not greater than 50%), then the fail fork from the check is linked to a node that is supposed to set the stat back to 100%.

The problem is that once the game starts the consumable stat is at 100% and stays at 100%. Any idea where I might be going wrong? I have other stats that I've gotten to work perfectly fine, both in my custom UI and in similar global events. With this stat, it just stays at 100% in the combatant component of the player.
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  • Well, first of all, the info in the inspector doesn't automatically update on changes, I think Unity only updates this when some input happens, e.g. a click on the inspector or even mofing the mouse should trigger it.

    If that's not the issue, check your event's setup, e.g. is an actor set up and do you use the correct actor in the nodes, etc.

    If that seems correct, check the event's execution setup, e.g. in the global event or event interaction component you're using.
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  • Thanks GiL, I finally got it working. It wasn't any of the above.

    I, for some reason, had the minimum of the normal stat set to the initial value of the consumable stat. I think that kept the consumable stat from going down. But I'm now sure if that's how the minimum value on the normal stat works... seems like it though, because everything works now.
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