In my game, I have phase battles with player auto-grid move at always. However, when I perform combat actions, some of them trigger custom code of my own in which I play some animations and other stuff. However, I just realized that the player can select grid cells during that time... and if the player moves, ORK just lose track of which combatant is playing and everything breaks.

So, what I'd like is a command that would just temporarily turn off auto-grid move during my animation. Does that exist? I tried setting the action state of the selected combatant to "InAction", and then Available again after my animations, but it didn't work.
  • Ok, so I found a solution: from my custom code, I call combatant.Abilities.Get(8).Use(user, targets, bool useAction);

    ... and then, I use a wait node until a bool global ork variable is set to true, which I do at the end of my animation.

    I'm just wondering if I could do the same without using an ability...
  • The best option would be to have your custom code stuff prevent the battle event calling it from continuing - e.g. via a custom node that calls your stuff and continues the event when it's done.
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  • Ok! Thanks!
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