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Basically looking to increase max/current consumable status value in runtime with custom code, and having trouble with consumable value change. I increase the max, but consumable value stays the same.

One problematic part might be that Max's value is the Combined status value.

To give you a simplified example.

MaxHealth combined value = MaxHealth Formula
Max Health Formula = BaseHealth + BaseHealth *Lvl * LvlMultiplier

and Health is consumable with Max health as the max value.

When I change Basehealth the MaxHealth updates correctly. But no matter what I do with health it's stuck to the default value.

And related question, what is the full difference between base value and value?
Should I be using Set/Add Basevalue or Value?

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    For Normal type status values you'll want to change the base value to make the change stick - otherwise it'll be gone on the next status recalculation. It's best to change both the base and the current value to make the change visible immediately without status recalculation, although that'll also happen by changing the Normal type status value.

    For Consumable you only change the current value (i.e. SetValue or AddValue).

    The base value is the actual value of the status value without any bonuses from equipment, effects, etc.
    This is only used by Normal type status values, since Consumable and Experience don't have bonuses and work differently.
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