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Hi, I am considering purchasing the ORK framework. My first idea was to program my own, but after having seen the amount of work and resources put into this one I am thinking it might be a good option to speed up the development process and develop an RPG prototype in 9 months. I would love to dedicate myself to getting good at using this tool, but I am wondering if the source code is available for me to review and tinker with if need be? I am hoping here that this is a framework that can be incorporated into a larger project (as opposed to Playmaker) and expanded upon. I know there is an API, but not sure how the dll process works if I want to access all of the source code instead of just overriding it?

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  • All gameplay related code (i.e. all features, systems and settings) is included in the full version. Only some core functionality (mainly data serialization) and the editor code remain closed source. The editor will automatically adjust to changes you made to the settings.
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