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I want to use functions to calculate Status Value bonuses/multipliers/penalties. And for normal style values I think I'm Good.

But I have a question about Consumable status values.
For example, let's say I have Health(Consumable), MaxHealth, BaseHealth, HealthMultiplier.

And it goes like this.
MaxHealth = Combined value
MaxHealthFormula = BaseHealth*HealthMultiplier.

If I change HealthMultiplier midgame, what will happen to Health/MaxHealth?

Let's say my Health is 50 and MaxHealth is 100. And after multiplier changes MaxHealth becomes 30.
Will the health get clamped down to new MaxHealth and become 30? Or will it be scaled down proportionally? 50/100 -> 15/30?

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  • Changing the HealthMultiplier would cause a status recalculation (if it's a Normal type status value) and adjust the combined value (MaxHealth). The Health (Consumable) will be clamped if the max value is below the current health value or stay the same if the max value increases, i.e. there's no scaling going on.
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