Hello everyone,

I have a shader called UberParticle. It has a tick box Use Noise Distortion. When I click it, it enables noise distortion of my material in the Prefab using defined texture.

Now, I want to be able to access it in Makinom schematic, so that I can turn it on/off as I will.

Tried using change fields node with class 'Renderer' and property '_UseNoiseDistortion' which is set as Float in the Shader properties, but it keeps saying that it can't find the property.

I'm not a code, can you please advise me on how can I enable that? How can I access shader property _UseNoiseDistortion in my prefab called SpiderIcon?

  • AFAIK boolean properties are not supported by Unity's material properties, i.e. they can't be changed by code (and thus also not via Makinom).

    Just checked the (most recent) Unity API, and there still seems no functionality to do that ...
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  • Yeah, have to swap premade materials in order to "change values". Thanks for the check
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