Is there any way I can show a list of sprites as assignable fields in Ork custom action?
  • Same questions about list of strings?
  • I don't think Sprite arrays are possible. You can reference single sprites, but asset arrays are not serialized by ORK's data serializer (they're simply not used in ORK :D).
    You can package the sprites into a separate class that implementes the IBaseData interface (e.g. extending from BaseData) and have an array of those, though.

    List of strings - use string[] instead.

    Generally, when displaying arrays, use the ORKEditorArray attribute if you want to be able to add/remove content instead of having a defined size. E.g.:

    [ORKEditorArray(false, "Add Text", "Adds a text.", "",
    "Remove", "Removes this text.", "", isMove=true, isCopy=true, isHorizontal=true)]
    public string[] text = new string[0];
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