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Hey Everyone. Duncan here from Digitally Reincarnated Technologies. Been Speaking with the Asset Creator, and I am opening an Unofficial Discord Server. He will not be there (unless he gets bored and stops in). But we as the users can also help each other, chat, etc.

I am also open to Server Suggestions, etc. So Feel Free to Reach out.

Best Regards,
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  • I like to help out and am interested in following other creators works, so I'll be on there and I'll help however I can! :)
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    Pinned it.
    As said - this is an unofficial discord channel, so there's no official support found in there. I might drop in from time to time, though :)

    If you need support, please use the forum to prevent people having to answer the same questions again and again.
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    Please consider rating/reviewing my products on the Asset Store (hopefully positively), as that helps tremendously with getting found.
    If you're enjoying my products, updates and support, please consider supporting me on patreon.com!
  • The invite link seems dead.

    I wanted to drop by as although Discord is not the best to archive answer, with the search feature it's possible to at least find similar past conversations (the search feature doesn't work well on the forum, it tends to show the same results and doesn't highlight key words in the posts found).
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