So I'm not sure if I'm missing something but the options section seems very barren, only allowing volume changes.
Is it possible to get in some basic GFX options such as texture sizes, AA, and shadow quality?
  • You can use custom options to change game variables and react to these changes afterwards, e.g. in the Close Game Event of an options menu screen.
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  • I created my own screen and wrote the code to adjust using unity's API. You can find the information in Unity's documentation. I then save my settings out to file (in case someone wants to alter their settings outside the game like the old days :)) when I close the options screen.
    When the game loads (or you load a save game), I have code that reads the file and updates the fields.

    The only issue I have ran into so far is that I am seeing the backbuffer being rendered one last time before the new scene is displayed in my current build. Not sure where that is coming from.
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