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    That's on by default right? Because my other Ork projects have backups.
    This was a very weird situation. Because my older backup, on a different harddrive had files from the newer project. It weirdly merged the two somehow. (Same file names, same project name.. .I can only imagined it mixed them up after/during the crash?)

    But yeah, I'll make sure this doesn't happen again, definitely getting preventative measures set up.
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  • It's probably good idea for you to take a second look at all your projects to make sure you were not working in other project by accident.

    Because all that merge stuff does not sound like any crash/data recovery operation activity I ever had to deal with.

  • 2 of my ram cards failed. Used Memtest86 and got over 10,000 errors before the test shut down from too many errors.

    So, this could have been causing god knows how many issues.
  • Yes, backup is on by default - should keep the last 10 saves.
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