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So my computer crashed, I load up unity to see that the ork viewer is empty.
No character data, statuses, abilities, it's all blank.
Is there anything I can do?

I went to check on Events, it asks me to save like usual, but its show every single possible data file to save. I cancelled and look at the file explorer. It looks like all the events are still there.
But the game won't start because there's no data. No menus, no guiboxes..

All my models and scenes are fine. Everything looks normal except that Ork is missing all data, like when you start a new project.
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  • ORK usually keeps backups automatically unless you turn that off. There should be _ORK_Project_Backups in your asset folder.
  • Thanks, I'll check it out. Hopefully it'll work.
  • No backups. :(
    Where does it normally save them?
    I don't get how all this just vanished into thin air...
  • I hope you made a backup of your project.
    I have restored from backup a few times after upgrades have gone south. Project worked just fine.
  • Looks like a saved an old version of the project.
    Had a buddy of mine set up some harddrive redundancies and a backup schedule and I'm going to invest in a network backup. Can't afford to lose that much work again :(
  • There should be _ORK_Project_Backups folder in your project. Inside there will be like 636995707227984909.asset files etc.
    I have no clue how crash could have deleted a folder, something else must be going on. Maybe you had two copies of the project and unity remembered the older one?
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    Yeah, I checked. No such folder, everything relating to Ork seems to have been reset to default. No idea why.
    I have a couple of versions of the project but I definitely loaded up the most recent, and in file explorer, everything relating to Ork data was just gone. Unity was fine, all of my scenes were still there, and Ork elements were too, like event interactions, but they are all empty because the events are gone. No menu screen or gui boxes, so the game won't even start...
    A real disaster.

    My last 'backup project' (not intentional but really glad its there) is about a month old.. So at least I can pick back up from somewhat recent development.
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    Uhh, okay. So all of my events and stuff from the recent version.. are now in my old backup!? I have no idea what is going on.

    They share the exact same name but are on different drives, could something have gotten mixed up??
    Events referencing formulas that didn't exist on this backup... is VERY strange.
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  • Umm. Not sure, probably you were selecting old folder when browsing for files.
    Otherwise it's very strange, I can think of no automatic procedure on computer that could target one specific plugin and associated files. But I have been keeping my projects on 2017 Unity so dunno, maybe with their 2018 package manager they do some weird stuff.
  • Yeah, no Idea. I'm just starting over.. Going to simplify the game a bit, more traditional. My goal is just to get a game done.
  • If you're serious about developing a game, then you should look into using source control. It could be the built-in Collaborate or an external tool.

    I think you can still get free unlimited Git repositories (for up to 5 users) on Azure DevOps (formerly Visual Studio Online). GitHub Desktop is pretty easy to use and streamlines the process considerably. Be sure you enable Git LFS before committing anything that isn't a text file.

    (I use Azure DevOps for all my Unity projects)

  • Yeah, It's a hard lesson to learn, my computers been stable since I built it but anything can happen I guess.
    I haven't heard of Azure DevOps, thanks for sharing. I'll definitely check it out.

    Also, the idea of starting over depressed me so much I basically moped all day, lol. Gotta salvage what I have instead.
  • @Wrofir I feel your pain. Back in the Great Crash of 2016 - I thought I had lost everything including my backups.

    Well, I was going to be done at that point. Fortunately I was able to recover from that mess. Never did try to figure out how to get source control working with Unity (use it at work of course); so, I just do it the old fashion way and create backups by compressing my project directory and storing the RAR file on an external drive. Yes, I'm an old dev. But, it works.
    Hope that lifts your spirits a bit.
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    Yeah, didn't realize how much I lost in till I tried starting over. Even though the project changed many times in 8 months it was still always evolving.
    and I'll be doing the same. Although one thing I won't be doing in future projects is downloading all my assets to my project intill it's time to start making it look pretty. I'm at 25 gigs.. So, that'll slow down compression lol
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  • Man, I feel your pain :(

    The ORK project should (normally) only be damaged by a crash if it happened while saving the project, otherwise there's no write access to the file happening. Otherwise, I guess the crash somehow lead the project file to no longer be recognized as an ORK project asset, leading the editor to creating a new project file ...

    Make sure to enable the backup functionality in Editor > Backup in the ORK editor, that'll keep backups of your ORK project file each time you save the project :)
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