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Hey is it possible to have adventure game style cursor switching based on what the mouse is hovering over in-game?
Mostly I want to show a 'walk' icon when hovering over valid locations, and a 'interact' icon when hovering over an interactable object, and a 'talk' icon when hovering over NPC's.
I'm not sure if that's built in or not.
At the very least I'd like to blink the object you're hovering over.

Even better, can I have a context menu open on interaction? I think this one can just be done with an event... Just double checking though. Like, you click on an interactable object, or an npc, and have a "Talk" "Examine" ext.
You would just have the event open a guibox menu first right?
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  • Check out Scene Objects (World > Scene Objects) - they (and scene object types) can change the mouse cursor while hovering over them.
    You can add a scene object to a game object in your scene using a Scene Object component :)

    As for the context menu - as you already assumed, that'd be done via a Show Dialogue node, showing a Choice type dialogue.
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  • Awesome!
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