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Hey! I just got my character's new IK/mechanim animations done and am ready to start testing them out. I remember that there was a section in the tutorial about mechanim, but I can't find it now.

In the following picture I am attempting to use the 3rd person with camera/flying from unity asset store as it controls exactly as I want for the game.

There are 2 problems.
1. The camera needs to point to the character to control. Since ORK spawns a clone instead of the original... Is there a way to target the clone? I thought about pausing the game and setting the target in-game. But I dont know if that will save.
2. As you can see in the image it comes with 3 scripts that control movement and other small details, such as moving in the direction of the camera. Is it possible to let these scripts run by disabling movement in Ork?
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  • Did you already check out the custom player/camera controls how-to?

    1) There's a script available in the how-to to do this for OOTII camera controller, but it can easily be adjusted to use your camera control as well.

    2) Sure, as stated in the how-to, you can disable ORK's built-in controls by using the None control type. If ORK should manage disabling controls, you need to add some custom control settings.
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