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Okay, so I'm at a pivotal point in my game.
I currently use fixed/rotate cameras in static locations in my game world.
Here's my question.

Is it better to use many scenes and split up my world?

Or to use 1 large open world on 1 scene.

This isn't just a Ork question, but a unity one as well. Things are getting pretty hard to manage, and either I spend time managing 1 scene, or split up the world into many.


Also if seperating it, would you do each camera area as a scene? or multiple camera areas per scene?
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  • I went the separate scenes route. Coming from an old school background (single player RPGs and Everquest for MMO days), I was used to maps/zones layout when it came to design.
    You can use one scene and stream in each "map" as you wander around your world. Read about and figure that was more trouble than it was worth for what started out as a hobby project.

    What do you mean by "camera area as a scene"?
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    Camera areas as in old adventure games, where when you move out of 1 zone the camera switches to the next zone. Also some action games like Devil May Cry 1, and early Resident Evils use it too.
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  • If you don't really take advantage of the large open world (due to limited camera perspective), I'd also recommend going for smaller scenes. Huge scenes in such a setup would add unneeded stress/performance drag in development and the playing game, as there needs to be a lot more loaded than necessary.

    This doesn't mean that you'd make a scene out of every camera perspective - just keep logical zones together, e.g. a town being a scene, a building in the town being another scene.
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