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    Reading the Unity forums right now, I don't see that 5.x has much stability so far. I'm sure Unity will get things solved but right now things are not solved.

    It was an easy choice for me, throw my computer into the East River or downgrade to Unity 4.7.1. ORK is a wonderful framework and was very good in 4.6. If Gil upgrades that version to work with his current fixes that would be wonderful.

    I'll still follow 5.3.x updates on another computer but that's for later.
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  • The answer to my question in the Unity forum is that they have stopped developing 4.x. This was just a bonus. The answer wasn't from a Unity "official" but from their blog in the 4.7.1 thread, this seems to be the case.
  • Well, I guess I'll pump out a last version for Unity 4.7.1 once ORK 2.8.0 is finished.
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  • A bonus! You are the best!
  • I really, really appreciate it, that´s awesome!!
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