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  • Ok, that makes sense thanks. I also had a question regarding referencing combatants that aren't in the party and don't live in a specific scene. Since my dungeons are randomized, I'd like to be able to spawn an combatants and reference them later. …
  • Ah, yup I was on an older version. Got it now. Thanks!
  • Where is the Use Box ID setting? I see the Scene ID option for the other types of collectors but not box. There is only "Get New Box ID".
  • Hey so my initial thought was to use the index of battle group. However, due to me swapping people around constantly (example: pushback 1st party member in line which triggers a swap of position between 1st and 2nd part member) I decided it would be…
    in Death Event Comment by foxx October 3
  • This was a while back. Would you still suggest the same methods @gamingislove ?
  • Ah nvm, it was in BattleGridNodes.cs
  • So I found your post about creating custom nodes (in Makinom which you said was similar to ORK) here: But I'm having trouble finding this PlayerGridPlacementStep. I'm l…
  • Cool I'll look into that thanks
  • Right but since I'm calling a third party dialogue system, how do I tell ORK to pause after the dialogue stops? Like a "pause until called manually" node or something. Essentially what I think would happen is 1) Ork choice to recruit 2A) open dia…
  • I'm trying to start it based on a choice battle event. Similar to persona 5's recruitment feature where it pauses based on a choice, runs through dialogue, and resumes if failed.
  • Sorry, Active turn based. Right now everything is spawned in a separate combat world scene.
  • @gamingislove Thanks for the tips! I'm not sure if I'll want to implement crits yet so I'll just stick to status effects. @Wrofir It helps to hear that's how others have decided to solve the problem :)
  • That worked thanks!
    in Turn Order Comment by foxx September 8
  • I don't see how I could implement Equipment viewers without it messing up animations. From what I understand Equipment Viewers spawn an extra piece of equipment at their designated object. However, with Unity's 2d skeletal animation (using a layered…
  • And I think equipment viewers might mess up the 2d unity skeletal animation and weights?
  • Right but I'm having trouble finding where the sprite lives. I tried getting sprite off the ItemPrefab.prefab but it came back null. Nvm, I got it. GameObject prefab = e.GetPrefabSettings().prefab.itemPrefab.prefab; Sprite …
  • Is it possible to add a sprite to a prefab, create an ORK armor with that prefab, and access that prefab's sprite from the players inventory via GetPrefabSettings().prefab.itemPrefab or something similar?
  • Also, does your answer to #4 mean the prefab saved and the prefab in the Ork framework menu are two separate instances? So If I changed equipment / sprites with it, then it would save that info separately? If a combatant who is an NPC changed their…
  • Thanks for the tips! 5) Loading a game will spawn your combatant at the position it had, unless you disable that in the save game menu settings (in which case you can load at a defined scene) I'm not sure if I was clear on my question here. What I …
  • Thank you! The 2D raycasting did the trick.