Where & how do I set the grid range for moving past an enemy combatant to trigger attacks of opportunity? Does the combatant have to be directly adjacent?
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    AOO is done purely through battle events. It's not a core feature.
    in AOOPerformMoveBy event, Grid Move Out of Range you will find Use Range option. By default it's set to attack. So it's based on base attack ability range.

    You can change it to bunch of other options.
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  • Yeah, as @hellwalker said, this is completely done with the event system, where you have the freedom to do it however you want, using whatever ability and ranges you want.
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  • I went back and looked through my events after posting & noticed I'd set it up wrong. Still haven't got AOO's working as I'd like, but I think I can tweak them in. I'm assuming things like aura proximity bonuses and traps placed on a grid are intended to be set up the same way.
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