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I get a character on the Unity Asset Store. The character already comes with Mecanim animations.

I follow the tutorial below:

I create the animation controller just like in the tutorial, I add the parameters and States and add the Character Controller.

When I start the game the Idle position (the default animation) works well, but when I move the character, it still continues to show the idle animation, it was supposed to show the Walk animation.

How can I fix that? or find what is wrong with the setup that I create? I have no idea what to do now to fix that.

Thank you.
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  • The tutorial is just one way to use Mecanim, depending on your use case you might need a different setup.

    Generally, make sure your combatant's animation System Type (setting found at the bottom of the combatant's settings) is set to Mecanim.
    If you're using the Auto Animations to let ORK handle the idle/movement animations, try enabling Use Position Change in the combatant's Movement Settings.
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  • I was using the Auto Animations to let Ork handle the movements. I change my combatant animation System Type to Mecanim now, it was in Legacy.

    I try to run the game and still not works. But then I enable Use Position Change in the combatant's Movement Settings and it finally works for me.

    Thank you so much.
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