Yay, it's that time of the year again - I hope you all had a good year (so far) and are able to have some recreational time at the end of it!

I'll be mostly out of office until January 3, 2019 - BUT there'll be a final ORK release for this year (by the end of next week), so I'll be somewhat in office on December 27/28. So, stay tuned for ORK 2.21.0, adding more stuff :)
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  • Happy Holidays, Gil and everyone. I gave myself Ork Framework for Christmas. : )

    Very happy. Will take me awhile to get back up to speed but excited about making a new project.
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    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!
    @Catacomber I already gave myself ORK Framework as a present ;)
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  • Happy holidays everyone :)
  • Happy holiday, people! I, too, just bought myself a new ork license. Looking forward to another great year with you, GiL.
  • Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    (not to derail the thread) @Catacomber - what about Ombre?
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    Omber was done and has been available in iOS for awhile. It got some good reviews. It even got nominated for something at Touch Arcade. One person didn't like the controls. One person didn't like the battle. People loved or hated the game icon. I've been too busy with other things to work on it further. The control package for iOS I used wasn't the best. I was a little awkward with first person battles and first person graphic animations for sword and shield. Any faults found were my problem, not ORK's. It still sells and while it was an enormous headache to get it Apple ready--at that time Unity had some idiosyncrasies that made it a chore to get your app accepted by Apple--that was a very satisfying project. I've been using an independent 2.5d private editor since 2007 and it was a big step for me to switch to an editor like Unity.

    Switching to third person. With all things Unity, it's a learning curve. Working on a new project that I'll start on PC. Not sure which version of Unity to use.

    Happy New Year! : )
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  • Happy Holidays :D Cheers!
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