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Is it possible to have one character take multiple turns in the turn order? I notice the turn order is determined by a formula. Can this be achieved?

What I'm brain storming is a turn based system that allows a character to have more than one turn if his turn speed is higher than the enemy's.
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  • Yes, that's possible by using Multi-Turns.
    In the Turn Based battle settings, you need to enable Use Active Command to bring up the Use Multi-Turns setting.

    Multi-turns are similar to the turn based battle system from Final Fantasy X, each combatant has a turn value which is increased by the turn formula after each action (a combatant who performed an action will be reset to 0 before the value update), which will result in quicker combatants having more turns than slower ones.
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  • Alright, that's excellent! Just what I need.
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