I've been playing a lot with Ork lately, and it's really fantastic but at the moment, I am overwhelmed with everything there is to learn. I'm a good game designer and a decent artist, but I'm no coder.

So I apologize in advance if these questions seem trivial, but I'd just like to know whether I should push in that direction with Ork 3 or not.

I'd like to create a 3D game with sprite characters (like Paper Mario, Disgaea, Octopath Traveler, etc.). The battle system will use the grid system in an isometric view.

I have a few questions regarding the feasibility of this idea with Ork.

(I don't expect full tutorials for answers, I'd just like to know the advice from a professional if this is feasible or not before I sink hundreds of hours just to prototype):

1- With Ork, are there major obstacles to use 2D sprites characters instead of 3D models in a 3D environment?

2- For basic character movement (idle, walk, battle animations, etc.), do I need a custom script to make it happen? I plan to have characters sprites face in 8 directions on the map, and probably the 4 diagonals during battle (because of the isometric view). (From what I've read in the tutorials, the answer is yes, but I just wanted to make sure.)

3- If so, I have found this asset on the Unity Asset Store that could help me setup the characters animations and also movement control:


Sprite Man 3D might help me with setting up the mecanim animations and handle the controls. Is there any chance I could create with Sprite Man 3D something compatible with Ork? Or is there something better for Ork?

Thank you for your help in advance. As I said, I don't expect full tutorials for answer, I'm only trying to figure out how to best spend time prototyping, and not waste it on ideas that would be too complex for a non-coder like me.
  • 1) No, that has no impact on ORK.

    2) ORK has options for that in it's Mecanim animation setup, you can e.g. forward the rotation of the combatant either as the actual angle or a 4-directional (0-3) or 8-directional (0-7) int value, e.g. 0 being north, 1 being east (or north-east for 8-directional), etc.

    3) Seems like a neat thing - I don't see why it wouldn't work with ORK.
    If something else is handling your movement animations, just disable ORK's auto animation. You can also handle the idle/movement animations in your animator controller instead of using auto animations by just forwarding the movement speed (and for your sprites, the rotation) to the animator controller and handling in there. See the Mecanim settings in ORK's animation setup.

    Generally, for a 3D-2D mix like this you need to keep the sprites rotated toward the camera, either via a tool like sprite man 3D or custom scripting (or even a Makinom schematic), the rest could basically be treated like a regular 3D setup.
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  • Ah thank you so much for the reply Gil!

    I'm happy to know that the 8 direction movement is already a functionality of Ork, I hadn't found it so far. I'll try to work with the mecanim settings next.

    Again, thank you for having taken the time to reply. I'm happy to know that my concept is feasible with Ork :)
  • You can find it in Base/Control > Animations in the Mecanim Settings.
    Enable the Set Y Rotation options (to use the Y-axis rotation for it) and set the Rotation Type setting to the one you want, e.g. Direction 4 or Direction 8, and set the Parameter Name to the name of an int parameter of your animator controller.

    The help text of the Rotation Type setting has the information for which value is which direction.
    Please consider rating/reviewing my products on the Asset Store (hopefully positively), as that helps tremendously with getting found.
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  • Ok thank you for the information! I'll try this when I have some time this week :)
  • Hi Gil! I've got a few questions for you regarding the 8 directions control you explained to me a few days ago.

    So as you said, I've followed the Mecanim tutorial for Ork, then I've set up mecanim animations for my character and I've found a tutorial to create a script to have my sprite always facing the camera. I've also created 16 animations (8 idle, 8 walk in all directions) and I've started to play with the animator.

    So right now, my character is able to move around (I'm using Ork button controls), while always facing the camera, and uses the idle animation when standing still (only looking down at the moment) and... a walking animation when walking, but more often than not, the wrong one (it seems to choose randomly which of the 8 animation to pick, whatever the direction I walk...)

    And now, I'm a bit confused how to make the character walk and face in the correct direction. I've read and watched quite a few tutorials in the last 2 days, but I'm unsure of the best approach to take to make it work with Ork.

    For most of the tutorials I've watched today, they made their own movement script and created variables that used MovementX and MovementY to determine what direction the character is moving (now, MovementY shouldn't work the same way in 3D games...). In the animator, they used Blend Tree to manage the different directions the character is moving/facing.

    However, as I understand, Ork is already keeping track of the direction the character is facing with the Rotation Type (Direction 8) Parameter. I'm unsure how to use the blend tree with that parameter, as it seems the only ones I can use are MovementX and Y.

    And if I create 8 idle states and 8 walk states in the animator and make transitions depending on the Direction 8 Parameter... well it's a mess at the moment. :s

    Am I going in the right direction to make it work? Or am I completely off the track (probably the case)? I've spent almost the entire last 2 days watching/reading tutorials and playing with the animator lol...

    I'm trying to avoid using a custom movement script to avoid compatibiliy issues, but if it's the way I should go, I could work on that.

    Thank you!

  • Best to not use the auto animation setup in that case and forward the combatant's movement speed to the animator via the settings in the Mecanim animations (same as the rotation parameter).

    That way you have speed (e.g. 0 being idle, anything above being movement) and the rotation and just need to react to that. Either in a large blend tree for all values, or 2 separate blend trees, one for idle (i.e. transitioning to it if speed is 0) and one for movement (transitioning to it if speed is above 0).
    Haven't tested that, though :)
    Please consider rating/reviewing my products on the Asset Store (hopefully positively), as that helps tremendously with getting found.
    If you're enjoying my products, updates and support, please consider supporting me on patreon.com!
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    Ok, I'll try this out. Thank you for the reply!

    Update: Thanks to your tips, I've been able to correctly rotate the character with the good animation (works with button controls). The transition between idle and walk also works correctly. However, for Rotation Type, I had to use Full Degree instead of Direction 8 because blend trees can only work with float variables (well, I think...).

    However, I haven't found a way to make it work animations work with any script that makes the sprite turn to the camera. I've tried many scripts, with different but all poor results. I'll keep working on that and I'll post my solution if I ever find one.

    Thank you again.
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