Hello! I'm just getting started with ORK, and figuring out how things work. There's one thing I haven't been able to get yet. I'd like to make a "D&D" style critical hit, where the hit roll also determines criticals, rather than the separate critical chance that's built into ORK. (Eg I roll a d20 to hit, I need to get x or more to hit, and if I roll a 20 it's a crit).

What would be the most appropriate way to do that?

  • Hm, you could handle that in the battle events instead of using hit/crit chance in the ability.
    E.g. a chance check/fork node and do hit or miss there (e.g. crit could just use a higher damage factor in the Calculate node.

    The next ORK update will feature some new nodes to predetermine or set the outcome of an action - that'll make things easier for this.
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  • Okay, cool, I see - I`ll give that a try! Thx for the quick response... :)
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