Hello, May I ask is it possible to disable some functionalities of ORK Framework?

I wrote a static class to customise my input control based on a Unity Package called Input System. However I was suffered the following bug:

InvalidOperationException: You are trying to read Input using the UnityEngine.Input class, but you have switched active Input handling to Input System package in Player Settings.
UnityEngine.Input.get_mousePosition () (at <e45cef7eff5346b286f489a5b244c11c>:0)
ORKFramework.ControlHandler.UpdateMousePosition () (at <e995789914a047e3963126852ad1414d>:0)
ORKFramework.ORKCore.FireTick () (at <f5ce5cf3fe4e46078ed9204287d73e92>:0)
ORKFramework.ORKHandler.Update () (at <f5ce5cf3fe4e46078ed9204287d73e92>:0)

So I prefer to make compatibility of them, which is disabling functionalities on ORK Framework regarding input/controls. Could someone suggest me on this case? I appreciate it.
  • You need to use Both active input handling (in Edit > Project Settings > Player). If you only use input system package, this'll remove Unity's default input manager stuff from the project, making the functionality unavailable and leading to issues.
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  • Thanks for the support : )
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