I've recently started (after finishing the tutorial) working on a 2D top down game and I struggle to work with the auto animation.

I have my animations clips all done in unity (as .anim files and put into the player prefab) and set in ORK as legacy animations and I have also set the auto animation to use all directions move animation but it does not work.

No animation is playing at all when the player spawns nor when any kind of movement happens.

I have also tried to play a combatant animation in the starting event but it doesn't work as well.

Here is one of my animation :


And here is my ORK animation configuration :


I don't know if the issue comes from my animations or if I missed something, can you help me ?

Thank you
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    Is the animation setup on the combatant's prefab correct?
    Also, are the animations you set up actually legacy animations?

    I somehow remember that sprite stuff isn't supported in legacy animations, not sure if that's still the case. You'd have to use Mecanim instead - check out this gameplay tutorial for an example, or this tutorial in the forum.
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  • I tried out Mecanim with the tutorials you linked and it now works fine (except for a few quirks to correct but they're minor).

    Thanks a lot for the quick answer and support :)

    In case someone's wondering or have the same issues, here is how my mecanim setup is done :


    The "walk" states are the normal animations in each of the directions. The "run" animations are the same but with an animator speed of 1.5 to simulate a higher pace.

    Both types are used in the auto animation.

    Every walk and run animations transition to their direction's idle animation after they stop playing.
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