I'm trying to recreate a Paper Mario type engine. My characters are 2D sprites in a 3D space, and my main difficulty has come with orienting the sprites. Many tutorials show how to make the Sprite Renderer on the player flip according to input, but I'm trying to find a slightly different solution because I need NPC sprites to function in the same way, but without input or a player component. I need the sprites to be able to flip appropriately when the character is moving in the left or right direction, hopefully even when controlled by something like Move AI. Any recommendations on where to get started with this?
  • This will generally work the same, i.e. you'll flip the sprite like you'd for the player.
    Just, instead of e.g. using the movement input, you'll determine the direction by something else, e.g. the movement direction.

    The details would depend on how the game object is actually moved and how your scenes are set up (e.g. which axis is the left-right axis).
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