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Okay, so I'm struggling to wrap my head around this one. For my real time grid battle, I'm trying to make a system where the player moves like in Megaman Battle Network or One Step From Eden. Like so:

As of right now, though, I have to call a battle menu, select a tile, accept, and then the player moves. How would I set it up so that an input from either the horizontal or vertical axis (based on an offset of the camera orientation) will result in one automatic tile move if there is a tile available to move to? (and that's without calling a battle menu or accepting the action)

Bonus: How would I animate each action separately? (move left of player orientation triggers a move left animation, move right triggers move right animation, etc.)
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  • You can set up grid movement into the 4 directions as separate abilities (e.g. moving one cell forward, selecting the cell via a Store Grid Cells node) and use them via a control map.
    Animation can easily be handled that way as well, as each direction has it's own ability and events for animating it :)

    Another alternative would be writing a custom player controler that handles grid movement.

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