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Does ORK have a built in way to start a random battle on event trigger? I know Random Battle Area exists but that requires walking inside a specific zone and battle there?

What I'm trying to achieve is when a player runs into an event trigger, it will teleport them to a random encounter which is started via an autostart battle.

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  • Sure, but you still have to set up all the battles or combatants you want to fight.

    E.g. use a game event in a Trigger Enter event interaction, the event uses a Random node that links to multiple Start Battle nodes.

    For the Start Battle node, either set up your regular battles in the scene or set up combatants in the scene (e.g. via Add Combatant components. Set them up as actors in the event, using the Object actor type (without enabling Event Object allows you to select the game object that will be used for the actor in the Event Interaction component's setup.
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