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1) I've made the ability to start dialogue with an enemy via a custom node that's triggered from a choice node (which can only be triggered if all enemies are knocked down).

The choice node is within an ability's Battle event. I'd like to add the ability to pick which character the player talks to as opposed to picking the current target of the ability used. Is there a way to pull up the select target again? Do I need to make another custom node for this? Which step/node would be a good example?

Combat style: Turn Based / Active

2) Also, is this the easiest way to get the def attributes of a character? It works but it seems like there should be an easier way.

List<<Combatant> list = this.usedObject.GetCombatant(baseEvent);

Combatant combatant= list[0];

int subID = combatant.Status.GetDefenceAttributeID(2).GetBaseID();
string personality = combatant.Status.GetDefenceAttribute(2).BaseAttribute.attribute[subID].GetName();

3) I tried using defense attributes for misc. stats that should start at 0. This caused the characters to start doing 0 damage. Where are these stats calculated into the damage? Can I change this? I don't want this attributes to have anything to do with damage. I thought they would be a good fit for a map like structure. For instance defense attribute "likes"- sub attribute "cake" = 0 initial value and can be increased for future checks
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  • 1) You can use selected data for that:
    - use a Select Combatant node to get the combatants you want (e.g. all group members of the target)
    - use a Selected Data Choice to select which of the combatants you want via a dialogue
    Afterwards you'll have the combatant the player selected in the dialogue availalbe in the selected data of the key you used and can e.g. use it to change the target of the action.

    2) Yes:
    string name = ORK.DefenceAttributes.GetName(attributeID, combatant.Status.GetDefenceAttributeID(attributeID));
    attributeID is the ID of the defence attribute, e.g. 2 in your example.

    3) Check out this how-to on attack/defence attributes.
    They're percent-based modifiers to status changes - if they're used is determined by the status changes you set up in your abilities and items.
    If an attribute has a value of 0, it'll cause any change to do 0 damage, positive numbers do damage, negative numbers will heal. 100 is the regular damage, so anything above will increase damage (e.g. 200 is 2x the damage, 50 is 1/2 damage).
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