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I'm trying to add flying text depending on whether or not the attack was strong against the user (attack attribute such as fire is high).

My solution was to add to the ability a target change-> status effect cast -> add a WEAK status effect (requirement attack attribute element/fire >= 150) and have the status effect create its own flying text.

Is there a better way of doing this? This solution doesn't appear every time for some reason and I find it kind of messy to add a status effect just to display info.
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    Hmm, status effect flying texts have always worked out alright for me.
    Maybe check to see if they are getting the status effect properly? like pause the game and check their combatant info, maybe for some reason it's not applying it

    I'm using status effects for so many different things because they are user specific, such as blood splatter effects and so on. So I think it's not that bad of a way to do it.
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  • In case you don't use critical target changes, you could use those for having different flying texts, checking the vulnerability in the critical chance formula.

    Attack attributes can overrule the flying text colors of status values, maybe that helps a bit.
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  • @gamingislove Thanks for the tips! I'm not sure if I'll want to implement crits yet so I'll just stick to status effects.

    @Wrofir It helps to hear that's how others have decided to solve the problem :)
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