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I have a particle system attached to each weapon prefab that spawns movement trails of melee weapons.
I'm trying to enable that system only during an attack animation, but i don't know how to select the weapon game object during the event. I tried using select equipment node but using that selected data as the target of the emit particles node doesn't work. I think it doesn't actually gives me the real game object (also checking "from gameobject" removes the possibility to define which equipment slot to take, and it doesn't work anyways).
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  • Hm, I think currently you'd have to define the path to the child object to be able to target a specific equipment's game object.

    I'll add an option to the Select Equipment node to select the equipment's spawned viewer prefab (game object) instead.
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  • Look forward to the node upgrade.
    Right now using a predefined path isn't feasible as the gameobjects name will change for every combatant and weapon combinations.
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