I’m trying to spawn combatants and add them to the player group via using an item. I can spawn the combatants but I can’t get them to use their starting equipment. I’ve ticked the relevant boxes in the event nodes and they spawn with their equipment if using an in game spawner. I get the feeling I’m missing something simple. Any ideas?
  • Depends on your setup and if the items are used with their battle events (which handle the whole joining stuff).

    E.g. if you use them from an Inventory menu screen, you need to enable Animate Use for the battle events to be animated.
    Another way would be using the Game Event setting in the item's user changes or target changes to handle joining the member. The game event you've set up here will also be used if the item itself isn't animated when used via the menu.
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  • Hey, thanks for the reply. I’m not sure I follow. I activate an event on use of the item, the event spawns a combatant and adds him to my group no problem, he does everything he’s supposed to except starts with his defined starting weapon. He does’t equip anything. The ‘use start inventory’ and ‘use start equipment’ boxes are checked in the join active group node. If I use the spawn combatant node I still run into the same problem, he doesn’t use his start equipment.
  • Scratch that, it was issue with my model ... duh! Thanks for the help
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