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Hi, I'm testing ORK before buying and I was running through the tutorial and found my combat doesn't look like the image examples. Specifically, there are two player characters when combat starts?



Did I miss something in the steps?
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  • You didn't miss a step, but you've done 2 steps where you should've only used one :)

    When adding the player, you should use either option 1 or option 2, not both.

    Using both options basically adds the combatant to the player group twice, so you'll have two group members - while it doubles your fighting power, you might not want to have that in your game, so make sure to only use one of the options :)
    Option 1 (via the start event) is usually the better option, as it also allows you using quick game testing, starting directly in your scenes.
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  • Thank you! I wanted to go through both ways to learn but forgot to disable one haha.
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