I finished tutorial 47 but during testing, I found a problem. While interacting with the workbench and selecting "Create stuff" an empty menu popped out, instead of the one that lists the Crafting Types.

I double-checked all my work, run the demo, and found that it worked fine. I compared all my settings with the demo's and found no differences.

Finally, I managed to make it run properly. On startup, I selected "New" instead of loading from a previous save slot, as I had been doing up to that point.

This seems quite strange... why would the crafting system menus behave like that with saved games? Is there something relative to that, which I should keep in mind?

I' using Unity 2019.3.15f1 and ORK 2.29.3.

  • I saved/loaded some games in the demo project and could not reproduce the issue... still... this shouldn't happen. Corrupt file? instability? I don't know... But what I do know is that all my settings are identical to the demo project, and it even works on my project with a new game.
  • If the crafting menu doesn't display anything, it's probably due to not knowing any crafting recipes.

    Since the tutorial changes the start event, the recipes will only be added when starting a new game, so your previous save game from before you've added that will not contain the recipes.
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  • Thank you for your response, I appreciate it!
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