I'd like to use 'Mouse Button 1 (Held)' to bring up a radial menu with various action/ability options that closes upon releasing mouse button 1. The menu opens centered on the mouse cursor. I'd like to open corresponding menus/sub-menus by moving the held mouse cursor over-top their icons for a set amount of time, closing the previous menu options, and ultimately select to use an action/ability by releasing the right mouse button over its icon. Is that possible?
  • Hm, might not be possible, at least not all of it.

    Generally, you can set up input keys to use mouse click (Down input handling) and release (Up input handling) and use them to call/close your menu screen.

    Using a choice/button by hovering the over it isn't currently possible, though. It would only work in a menu screen with Multi display and using the hover selection options to update the sub menus (e.g. item types to item list in inventory menu).
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  • It's a pity. I also wanted to do something similar.
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