Basics: I can't work out how to be able to select ANY Combatant but NOT the player when using keybinds while in Field.

I've got targeting setup so I can select targets while not in battle (Combatants are essentially neutral, aggressive on damage only, so at the start no one is in battle, just pottering around the map)

I am using "Target Settings | Individual Target Settings" to grab targets in Field - Mouse and keybinds for "select next target" and "select nearest"

Clicking with the mouse works. Player is on one layer, all spawned combatants on another. Mouse won't select the player but selects all else. Works fine.

With keybinds:

Looking at Target Settings | Individual Target Settings | Target Settings
Select Enemies = YES, you can't target anyone, since no one is in battle and not yet an "enemy" I assume


Select Enemies = NO or IGNORE, you can target *everyone* including the player

(I am assuming the top part of Target Settings called "Target Selection" was only valid for Battle mode because no matter what I set there, nothing happened till I started using Individual Target Settings which has selections for where it is usable)

  • Hm, I don't think there's currently a setting to prevent selecting the player (or user combatant) itself - I'll look into adding that.
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  • Thanks.

    I am just prototyping stuff so probably won't even end up using that target style in the long run, but I can see a game style where you want to be able to select ALL targets before they become aggressive, but not necessarily the player. Gets complex though :)

    The layer system (used when doing a mouse click select) works very well, so maybe something along those lines would cover all the bases.
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