Sooo ... I started testing ORK in Unity 2019.3 and I haven't really run into any issues so far. The editor needs some love with the editor UI look, tough :)

It'd be great if you could report any issues you're having with the official 2019.3 release (no beta versions) and ORK or Makinom.
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  • I'm having a bug where if I paste into a text field in ORK editor it pastes the text twice. Using the most recent ORK and 2019.3 release version.
  • After adding a second language to the system, there is a problem with the "Paste" button, it disappears after clicking on "Copy".
  • The bug where if you paste into a text field in the editor and it pastes the text twice, has been there since I started using Ork about 2 years ago, so I dont think it has anything to do with 2019.3.
  • What's happened to the boxes in the events editor in 2019.3? they are transparent I have to turn the grid off just to be able to see them
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