Is it possible to add player selected members to a turn based battle? The battle system I designed is simple turn based but you can add a certain class of fighters during battle. I notice ork allows you to add specific characters via abilities, but there are no options to let the player choose which characters they want to add. Here is a picture of what I'm hoping to achieve.

To the left is where the player can select a fighter to join. In the middle is the player and enemy defined spots where they spawn and can be placed. Also, is it possible to move characters around during battle or with abilities?
  • I can think of 2 ways to do this:

    1) Have a summon ability for each individual combatant.
    That should be pretty straight forward :)

    2) Use a dialogue in the summon ability to select the combatant.
    This largely depends on where the combatants are coming from, but you'll most likely use selected data to store the combatants (e.g. from the user's non-battle group). Using selected data allows you to use the Selected Data Choice dialogue to select one of the combatants, which is stored in a different selected data for you to use further (e.g. add to the battle).
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