I create some characters(enemies and allies) for my game. But when the battle started, I use the player to select an enemy to attack or even the player to use healing magic. The prefab CursorPrefab appears inside my character instead of appears over the head(just like the "Brown Pants" character).
Where I can config the CursorPrefab inside Ork Framework?
ps: I only use Battles by Turns, I don't use Grid or Real Active Battles
  • The target cursor is set up in Battle System > Target Settings. In the demo, I'm using an empty game object on the combatants (named Head) for the placement, i.e. using the On Child setting to place the cursor on a child object.

    That's the easiest way to place the cursor somewhere in case your combatants vary in size. Alternatively, you can just use an offset as well :)
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