I config my battle scene to starts in another scene.
I start a battle with my player(a character that I created) and 3 enemies. One of these enemies is the 'Evil Pants' prefab.
When the battle started, my player and the enemies that I created are looking to different places, but they change their 'Y' rotation to the correct point after one second after(the player look in the direction of the enemies and the enemies look to in the direction of the player).
Only the 'Evil Pants' enemy is looking to the player when the scene started.
How can I config my characters to look in the correct position when the battle scene is loaded?
  • If you use grid battles, you can use "Grid rotate to target" node to achieve that.
  • That's handled in the battle start event, e.g. use a Look At Enemies node to after spawning your combatants to have them look at their enemies.
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