I add a new character to my game using legacy animations.

A lot of animations are working perfectly, like death, evade, damage. But the attack and cast animations are not working.

Also, the walk/run movement when the enemy character moves to attack the player is not working too.

For what the option "Animation Layer" is used for?
  • When using legacy animations, the animation layer is crucial to manage which animations play.

    Higher layers will overrule lower layers, so a good setup would be, e.g.:
    - idle: -1
    - walk, run, etc.: 0
    - damage, evade, etc.: 1
    - attacks, death, etc.: 2

    The game tutorials use a similar setup (tutorial 3 and tutorial 20).
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    I understand the problem now. The problem that my attack is not working is because I set an event attack only for Mecanim Combatant.
    Now I set an attack for Mecanim and Legacy animations and everything works.
    I add a "Wait" event before the combatant animation to avoid the problem with the Mecanim animation.
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