Is there a built-in way to set effect to the battle field?

Just like status effect to combatant, I wanna make effect on field. Eg. if it's raining, then the water ability will power up for both player group and enemy group. Or shield on player field so that all damage taken by player combatants is half.

Basically, I need the effect to have global effect and can auto end after several turns.
  • You could use selected data to gather all combatants in battle and add status effect to them. Status effect can handle the actual effect and bonuses and all.

    You could do this in battle start event or pick one of the event triggers in Battle System tab. Battle settings has some and the individual battle types the others.

    As to how to customize the types of effects per battle. Hmm...
    Maybe instead of using battle object to start battles use Event Interaction.
    So you'd have your ordinary game event object, it would have Object Variables component. Then in event you'd convert Object Variable to Global variable and then use "Start Battle" node to start battle on Battle Object.
    Then in Battle Start event you'd check the global variable to see which kind of effect you want to apply.

    There could be a simpler way, but I can't think of it atm.
  • Thanks.

    So with your method, I need to also add and delete status effect for each combatant when changing members.

    It will work, but I think it's better that ork has a system for this.
  • I'd say the best way for environmental stuff like weather influencing the damage of abilites would be using (global) game variables and having the formula calculations based on that.

    Another way would be using the event system, e.g. a Trigger Enter event interaction around the whole scene, so that every combatant entering/spawning would be used. For this to work on others (i.e. not only the player), enable Start by Other, maybe adding a component check to check for CombatantComponent to limit it to only use combatants.
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